[TI] St Louis Reunion - Hotel Reservations

Ann Catalano anncat1029 at roadrunner.com
Tue Apr 29 20:45:12 MDT 2014

Can you give an idea of what we will be doing as a group on each of the
days?  I haven't been to one of the reunions (in the U.S.) since it was in
Cleveland.  I remember we all got together for dinner on one of the nights.
I recall that we also set up displays to share.  Will we doing that again?

What type of activities do you have planned for Thursday and Friday? Will
the dinner be on Saturday night?

I plan to do some research on my mother's side (The French portion) of the
family while I am there.  I did this back in the 1970s but would like to go
back to the church where my great great grandmother was married. And also do
some more digging in the public records if I can.

I would also like to go to Jefferson Barracks as that is where my Dad did
training during WWII.

The hotel you arranged sounds great.  I'm looking forward to seeing my TI

Ann Catalano

On 4/29/14 7:08 PM, "Laura Johnson" <rngade57 at madisontelco.com> wrote:

> We will be using the Drury Inn Airport which is just a short distance
> from Lambert Airport (St Louis) which also has a shuttle to/from the
> airport.  For the Thursday & Friday activities, there should be enough
> of us from St Louis area to take people to the various activities.
> Saturday, the group will meet in the meeting room at the Drury
> You NEED the following information for booking your room:
> The group rooms are held in the name of
>   Termini-Imerese Group
> The group ID # - 2196284
> The rates are as follows:
> Queen size beds per room = $113.95+tax per night
> King - $118.95+tax per night
> This includes a lot of amenities
>      FREE Wi-Fi
>      Free Hot Quickstart Breakfast
>      Free - 5:30-7:00 PM Kickback - you can see more about this on the
> website.  But it is essentially a small buffet in the evening which
> those of us who are there Wed, Thurs and Fri nights can do to save
> dinners for those nights.
>      Free Soda & Popcorn from 3PM to 10 PM daily in the lobby
> You can call the hotel at 314-423-7700 or you can make your reservation
> online at:
> https://wwwc.druryhotels.com/Reservations.aspx?groupreservation=1
> REMEMBER - you will need to put in the group number to get the group rate
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