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Scott Mascheri smas1973 at yahoo.com
Sat May 3 02:12:39 EEST 2014

looking for help.
I have been doing the Mascari research for many years. I came to a stop and could not find anything until I joined the Termini Imerese database here and it helped me go back further.  But once again came to a stop again.  So I am wondering who else on here is also researching the Mascari name. I have been able to find direct grandparents going back to Matteo Mascari that married Chiara Marcurio 1740s to 1820s with finding that they had 3 children named Saverio, Antonino
And Agostino. Trying to go back further then Matteo and trying to find all of the other missing brothers and sisters of them and all there children.  I have been told by many others researching the Mascari for the missing links to put them all together. 
That all the Mascari's from Termini are related one way or another.
My 2ND great grandfather Santo Mascari That married Michela Spicuzza left Termini in the late 1890s and settled here in Chicago where the family has grown to be very large here. So I am asking for help from anyone else researching the Mascari's to help and share anything or lead me into a Direction to find more information on the Mascheri's.  Also will be going to the reunion and hoping by doing the research may be able to meet some family there or and find out other information. 

Thank you for reading and hope to find any help.

Scott Mascheri
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