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John Mascari john_mascari at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 22:22:09 EEST 2014

Hi Scott, Paul and everyone researching the Mascari lines from TI.  I think I've been in touch with almost everyone researching Mascari's offline.  Lynn Venafro (of this list) and I have made common Mascari ancestor connections at Giuseppe Mascari (1809-1897) & Rosa Calcagno (1822-1900).  I've searched this line back through Salvadore (ca1787-1832) - Giuseppe (ca1742-1822) - Vincenzo (ca1720) thanks to Laura's insight and the Allegati 1843 1713874 Doc 54 that helps break through several generations prior to the civil records.  Lynn and I have also made connections with some of the Mascari descendants who settled in Columbus OH, Erie PA and Pittsburgh PA.  I'd be happy to share the historic lines with anyone interested. (Please contact me offline at john_mascari at yahoo.com)
Something that I would like to further explore and understand is the road blocks that I have read about in earlier posts concerning the local church.  I believe I recall reading that the church will not allow viewing of their Baptism, Matrimonio & Morte records.  I would love to find a few more generations so that the earlier Mascari connections may be made. Paul -I would love to see the document that extended  Paolo Mascari (b. bet 1683 - 1718). I'm also very interested in learning when the Mascari's arrived in TI and where they came from.  A book named "Our Italian Surnames" by Joseph Guerin Fucilla p 108 notes that Mascari surname may have roots from Albanians. It also notes that Mascari may be related to mushkar or muleteer(a person who drives mules). Any recommendations or shared knowledge would be greatly appreciated.  I hope the discussion and sharing continues.  This TI community is one of the best.
Happy Spring everyone!
John Mascari, Elkton, Maryland

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