[TI] Matteo Mascari - Chiara Mercurio

Laura Johnson rngade57 at madisontelco.com
Thu May 15 02:27:09 EEST 2014

Please start a new message and give the email a subject so that people 
can quickly see what the email is about.

Second, Matteo's and Chiara's parents names are in the database.  To get 
any further back we are going to need access to the church records which 
will probably not happen any time soon.  So you are in the same boat 
that most of us are  - stuck in the early 1700's


On 5/14/2014 6:11 PM, Scott Mascheri wrote:
> Hello everyone Reading This Post,
> I was wondering if I can get any help from anyone I have come to a stop on my research. I am trying to find any information on my 5th grandparents from Termini Imerese looking for like birth, death or marriage document. This is what I have on them so far I am trying to go further back.
> Matteo Mascari 5th Grandfather
> Birth about 1742 / Death 2-7-1817
> Film # 1714036 # 41
> Wife Chiara Mercurio 5th Grandmother
> Birth about 1747 Death 9-27-1817
> They had 3 Children
> Antonino Mascari 1782-1837
> Agostino Liborio Giacomo Mascari 1785-1832
> Saverio Mascari 1786-1848
> Matteo's Sister
> Carmela Mascari 1758-1838
> Husband Vincenzo Genovese 1746-1826
> 3 Children
> Maria Anna Genovese 1794
> Michele 1796-1876
> Michael Josephus 1801
> Any help at all please or another direction I can go to find more information. I have used the Termini Imerese database, Family Search, Ancestory to find what I have.
> Thank You
> Scott Mascheri
> smas1973 at yahoo.com
> Researching Mascari, Catalano, Spicuzza, Sansone, Riggio, Capone, Bondi

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