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Scott Mascheri smas1973 at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 02:51:45 EEST 2014

Hello everyone Reading This Post, 
I was wondering if I can get any help from anyone I have come to a stop on my research. I am trying to find any information on my 5th grandparents from Termini Imerese looking for like birth, death or marriage document. This is what I have on them so far I am trying to go further back. 
Matteo Mascari 5th Grandfather 
Birth about 1742 / Death 2-7-1817 
Film # 1714036 # 41 
Wife Chiara Mercurio 5th Grandmother 
Birth about 1747 Death 9-27-1817 
They had 3 Children 
Antonino Mascari 1782-1837 
Agostino Liborio Giacomo Mascari 1785-1832 
Saverio Mascari 1786-1848 
Matteo's Sister 
Carmela Mascari 1758-1838 
Husband Vincenzo Genovese 1746-1826 
3 Children 
Maria Anna Genovese 1794 
Michele 1796-1876 
Michael Josephus 1801 
Any help at all please or another direction I can go to find more information. I have used the Termini Imerese database, Family Search, Ancestory to find what I have. 
Thank You 
Scott Mascheri 
smas1973 at yahoo.com 
Researching Mascari, Catalano, Spicuzza, Sansone, Riggio, Capone, Bondi 

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