[TI] Matteo Mascari - Chiara Mercurio

Carol Anne clkonfetti at gmail.com
Fri May 16 01:48:13 EEST 2014

Hi Laura,

You say that Chiara Mercurio's parents are in the database??? I tried
to find the record late last night and couldn't. I decided I was just
too tired to concentrate, so I tried again today and didn't have any
luck either. I entered "Mercurio, Chiara*" and selected all fields
relevant for a female and didn't see anything. Please give me a hint
as to how to find them!

Do you have any ideas as to Paul's statement that Paolo Mascari and
Sigismonda Restivo are Matteo Mascari's parents??? If Paul replied to
my query about that, I did not see his reply. For some reason, about
half of the messages I receive from this list are going into my spam
folder, but I've been checking it since I noticed.


Carol Anne

On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 7:27 PM, Laura Johnson
<rngade57 at madisontelco.com> wrote:
> Scott,
> Please start a new message and give the email a subject so that people can
> quickly see what the email is about.
> Second, Matteo's and Chiara's parents names are in the database.  To get any
> further back we are going to need access to the church records which will
> probably not happen any time soon.  So you are in the same boat that most of
> us are  - stuck in the early 1700's
> Laura

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