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Becky Mascari bmascari at gmail.com
Fri May 16 06:56:54 EEST 2014

At the risk of doing the wrong thing, I am reposting a message put
forth by my nephew last week. I never saw it come across on digest and
like several others, the messages seem to be hit or miss as to whether
they are delivered. And no, they are not going into my spam.

Since it got no response, I suspect many of you didn't see it. If you
did, please forgive the redundancy.

Thank you,


Hello Everyone-  I am new to the list and would like to chime in....
I am the nephew of Becky, whom commented earlier and my mother is
Evonne Mascari.  We are from the Mascari bunch that landed in Memphis,
TN.   I have found great joy in researching my family back to Termini
Imerese.  So much, my wife and I have planned our first trip to Italy
and Sicily for January 12 - February 3.

It would be great to tie my family tree into that of any of your
Mascari trees.  It is a goal to reconnect with some Mascari distant
cousins on my journey in Termini.  If anyone could give me some
information of family members that have already been connected with or
even some do's and dont's for the trip, then it would be greatly
appreciated.  Also,  I have family from Terrasini (Monreale's and
LoPiccolo's) and my wife's family from Bisacquino (Montalbano's) that
we would like to visit.

Listed below is my direct relation to the Mascari's I have discovered
thus far.....

Salvatore Joseph Mascari Jr(1898-1977) & Provvidenza Monreale
(1904-1991 Terrasini)

Salvatore Giuseppe Mascari Sr (1858-1934) & Rosaria Bordonaro (1865-1930)

Giuseppe Mascari (1828-1911) & Maria D'Atillo (1838-1890)

Salvatore Mascari (1787-1832) & Ignazia Costa (1797-1859)

John- I feel that the Salvatore ca1787-1832 you have would tie in
nicely with my research.  Any insight would be awesome.

Anthony Rini- I have a seperate question for you.....  Can you tell me
much about the huge bocce tounament held in Cleveland around
mid-August?  My brother plays a lot of bocce with a strong Italian
community in Cleveland, MS (crazy I know) and has a four man group
that has planned a trip to play in that tournament.  Any possible
family he could meet, advice on the area, or the tournament would be a
huge help.

I would like to thank everyone in advance and absolutely love what all
has accomplished.

Russell Mascari Mayfield
Pass Christian, MS
RLMayfield01 at yahoo.com

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