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I'll put this out there again with the hope somebody has this in there tree.  My 4th great grandmother was Catarina Mascari, married to Agostino Corso (c1740-1802), mother of Antonino (c1770-1846)  and Mateo Corso (c1771-1803).  Does anyone have a Corso connection to their Mascara family.  I have been asking for 5 years and still hoping someone new will come along, or one of the regulars was able to get deeper into their family.


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I am also Running into people showing  Paolo Mascari and Sigismonda Restivo as Matteo's grandparents and Giuseppe Mascari and Angela Gerardi as his parents. I did the Ancestry DNA and I have matches for distance Cousins and on their tree I am seeing people have it different ways. also There are a lot of Mascari tree's out there that goes back to Paolo Mascari and Sigismonda Restivo but showing different connections that brings them into my tree and others tree's. I am just trying to find the connection of my Matteo and Saverio Mascari to the other Mascar's that are able to go all the way back to Paolo Mascari and Sigismonda Restivo. I took the DNA trying to hope to find the answers a little easier and came across many tree built with different family members mixed up. I try to build my tree with documents to back everything up but I have hit the brick wall to go back further. Thank you Laura for all the help you have helped with. It shows Paul has  worked very hard at his tree and I also got confused as who he was showing as Matteo's Parents and Grand Parents. Laura In your database do you have information on the Mascari all the way back to Paolo Mascari and Sigismonda Restivo or would you know where else we can look to find that information to back that far as other people have been able to?
Thank you for any help

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