[TI] Mascari & Catalano

Scott Mascheri smas1973 at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 21:55:02 EEST 2014

I also have Catalano's in my tree marrying Mascari's. My 4th great uncle married a Catalano.-Antonino Mascari 1782-1837 / Chiara Catalano 1794-1844, my 6th grandparents Saverio Mascari / Giuseppa Catalano, I also have matching DNA from Ancestry to 3rd cousins Catalano but have not been able to match the connection yet. It is so weird many different Mascari's have been going back and forth on here and other sites and it is so hard to make the connection to bring so many more of us together. I have also came across intermarried in my tree and also brother's and sister's in one family marrying brother's and sister's in another family. I can only imagine with Termini not being that big back then everyone was very close and married the one that lived close to them. Its also so weird that we have a street named after us Via Mascari. I tried to write to them In Termini to see if I can get any information behind the street name but never heard anything back. 
Maybe all of us Mascari on here should work together on making a tree with Ancestry or another site to make a Mascari tree and everyone work together on filling in the information that they have on the Mascari's and see if working together if we can make more connections. Also what makes it hard also for whatever reasons I have seen a lot of the Mascari's after coming to America changed the spelling of the named as my great grandfathers did a few times. 
Has any of you Mascari's did the Ancestry DNA that we can work together and see if we have and DNA matches with each other. My Tree Name Is (Mascheri Family Tree administered by smascheri) if any one see's a connection on their DNA match and let me know and if anyone else see's a connection please message me so we can work together to make our tree's connect together. 
Thank you and hope to get some good feedback 
Scott Mascheri 

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