[TI] Help With A Caruso's Wife's Name.

Scott Mascheri smas1973 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 08:19:44 EEST 2014

I was wondering if anyone can help me to figure out the correct wife for my 6th Great Grandfather Giuseppe Caruso. On the Termini Imerese Database it is Showing 2 Giuseppe's Married to 2 Different Anna's or are they the same person with a misspelling on the Termini Imerese database?

1st Giuseppe Caruso Married to Anna Caraccioli

2nd Giuseppe Caruso Death 2/4/1810 Married to Anna Caracci

With taking the Ancestry DNA test it Matches me up to a few Caruso's that are showing Children from both Anna's.

Also for the Giuseppe Caruso that Married Anna Caracci it is showing 2 of the same death date 2/4/1810 for Gisueppe's Death in 2 of his children's (Allegati Marriage Record Attachment) with showing 2 different parents name's one showing father as Dominici Caruso mother as Anna Borella the 2 name is showing Antonini Caruso father Maria Bagarella mother. So also any help with the correct parents.

Any help will be very grateful or anyone related to these Giuseppe would like to find some more connections and family.

Thank You 

Scott Mascheri

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