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Hi Rita,
Are you by any chance from Burgettstown,

Denise (Rinella) Girard

On Sep 24, 2014, at 4:23 PM, Rita Bova <rbova at cscc.edu> wrote:

> Sept. 24, 2014
> Dear Laura,
> I will be coming to the reunion on Saturday, Sept. 27 and staying at the Drury Hotel.  Please add me to the dinner on Saturday night.  I will give you the $32.00 in cash when I see you. 
> Please let me know how to get the discount on the hotel room at the Drury and I look forward to see you and all of the community then.
> Thanks so much,
> Rita Bova 
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> PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY.  If you need to - print this out.
> SATURDAY DINNER MUST BE PREPAID IN CASH - Please see either Kim or I to
> pay for your meal.  The cost will be approximately $32 per person.  This
> includes tax and tip.  Menu is listed below under Saturday dinner
> details below
> For those arriving on Wed, I will be at the hotel by 3:30 at the
> latest.  If I am not in the lobby, have them call my room.
> 5:30 PM KICKBACK - Meal at the hotel.  This is included in your room fee
> so there is not need to go somewhere else to eat and will help you save
> a bit of money.    More information can be found here regarding this
> KICKBACK can be found here:
> https://wwwc.druryhotels.com/PropertyHotelServices.aspx?Property=0075
> The Hill - This is the Italian district in St Louis.  We will be going
> to the Hill.  Meet in the lobby at 9.
> In the morning we will go to Girasole Gifts and Imports, and visit
> Missouri Bakery (the Bakery only accepts cash but there is an ATM

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