[TI] Reunion - St Louis 2014

Paul J. Caito pjcaito at rochester.rr.com
Tue Sep 30 05:31:45 EEST 2014

I would like to add my thanks to Laura and Kim for a wonderful reunion 
weekend.  These weekends always go way too quickly!  The weather in St. 
Louis was great for us "northern" folks (although we've been having great 
weather here in Rochester, too - but that's the exception at this time of 
year in this area).  I missed Thursday's activities but was very successful 
on Friday at the library amassing a large number of obits on the Caito's in 
the St. Louis area that I had wanted to track down.  I assembled my research 
work for St. Louis several years ago and it was something that I 
hoped/planned on doing at some point in the future - so the timing was great 
and everyone at the library was very helpful.  Thanks to Laura for driving 
Lynn Venafro and me to the library.

The Saturday event is always the best.  I cannot thank Scott Mascheri enough 
for helping me discover an error that I had in my Mascari family tree.  I 
was sick when I found out that I had a major error of a child in a family 
that belonged to another family (not to mention all the descendants that 
went with him)  - but finding and correcting errors is just as important as 
finding new family members to add to the tree - so thank you Scott for all 
the excellent work that you had done on the Mascari's!  I also found a link 
to Tom Corso - so that was another "Bingo" moment too!!!  Then there was Dan 
Longo who drove in from Kansas City with his son (3.5 hour drive I think he 
said) wanting to know if there was anyone with any Longo links from Ohio - 
"Bingo" again!  Within minutes of him walking in the door we immediately 
found a link from his family to my great-grandmother's Longo side of my 
tree.  He told me that he'd been on the list for several years but was just 
kind of listening to the chatter and hadn't yet ventured into the 
conversations.  So I would say to anyone out there who is watching from afar 
to not be afraid to make your family lines known to us on the List and let 
us know what your relatives lived and you just never know what we will all 
find together.  By the time he left with all of my Longo information he had 
his family tree back to the late 1700's and I gained a new cousin (fourth 
cousin, once removed!).  In the process of discovering his connection to my 
Longo's, Laura was right there with her information from the Termini 
database and we were all working together making sure we had the right 
connections - the database comes through again!  Just sitting and talking 
with everyone and hearing their stories and seeing how they have preserved 
and presented their family tree information to their family members is one 
of the great things about our group.  I was bowled over at Sharon Reif's 
books that she had done at Ancestry (and by way of looking through her books 
you wouldn't believe how many of her ancestors were shot at, killed or ended 
up in prison - it's all right there in her books - yikes! - my family tree 
is really dull compared to hers!).  I could go on and on about everyone that 
I talked to - I barely had a chance to gulp down lunch on Saturday from 
trying to keep up with everyone.  Thanks to everyone who made the effort to 
come and share their stories.

It was also cool that Laura had Termini mugs for sale as well as the 
refrigerator magnets - I wanted two more mugs and they made it home 
carefully wrapped in two shirts in my suitcase.

Lynn Venafro and Madeline Gill and I spent time on late Sunday morning to 
early afternoon in the lobby going over more family tree's of the Mascari's 
and we were able to piece together more of her Mascari line with some work 
that I had forgotten about from the Mascari's of Buffalo - so that was great 
to work on that.  Madeline and I went to the airport together as we were 
both flying United Airlines to Chicago (on different flights) and from 
Chicago to Toronto for her and to Rochester for me.  We met Tom Corso on our 
way to the gate - I hope you made it out of there Tom!  I had multiple 
delays but finally got to Chicago and Madeline was leaving St. Louis on a 
later plane than I did - so I hope you weren't delayed too much either, 
Madeline.  More delays in Chicago and I didn't make it back home until 11:30 
PM (about two hours late).  Madeline was due back in Toronto by midnight - 
if everything went on schedule - but I'm afraid to ask when she really got 
back if her plane was two hours late like mine was.

Lastly - these meetings always make me realize how lucky we are to be able 
to trace our family trees and we couldn't do it without the Termini 
subscription database.  In my mind, the subscription to the database is a 
bargain for all the information that it holds.  If you ever wondered if you 
should subscribe I think almost everyone on the list who has subscribed 
would tell you that they were able to get much more than their money's worth 
for their subscription - it is a deal.  I've kept my subscription since the 
Termini database started and to be able to have the ability to check details 
and have all the updates that continually come to the database is money well 

Thanks again to all who made the weekend "happen" and I look forward to 
seeing everyone again next year in Minneapolis/St. Paul with our host Corie 


Paul J. Caito
Rochester,  NY 

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