[TI] Date of Death of Leonardo Sansone-Zodia???

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Mon Feb 23 04:11:06 EET 2015

Carol Anne
Please give me the UNIQUE ID numbers for those documents and I will pull 
the copy to see what it says

On 2/22/2015 7:33 PM, Carol Anne wrote:
> In the database there are two entries for the death of
> Leonardo-Sansone Zodia. One says he died on 3 Jun 1785 and one says he
> died on 3 Jun 1805. I would suppose they were records for two
> different men, except that the wife for both entries is Caterina
> Sorrenti. Does anyone know which date of death is correct? That's a
> difference of 20 years!
> Thanks!
> Carol Anne
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