[TI] Diana or Adriana Lo Pinto

COI - Laura laura at comunesofitaly.org
Thu Feb 26 03:25:53 EET 2015

some records show Adriana and others show Diana.  The record is correct 
with Diana

Zoida and Zodia seem to be interchangeable - seems to depend on which 
clerk recorded the document

On 2/25/2015 6:11 PM, Carol Anne wrote:
> Laura,
> On the the death record of Giacomo Tedesco (unique ID 801416), his
> mother appears as "Diana" Lo Pinto. On the report on the ancestors of
> Anna Palmisano that you sent me a few years ago, her name appears as
> "Adriana" Lo Pinto. Any idea which name is correct?
> His wife appears as Maria Zoida in the database. I assume this is just
> an error for Zodia?
> I'm moving to a new genealogy program and I'm working on cleaning up.
> Thanks,
> Carol Anne
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